"For the first time in history, all the pieces of the puzzle are in place for a major paradigm shift."

  Tom  Campbell

    Better Living Better Science    
 My Big TOE
  by physicist and Consciousness expert
Thomas Campbell

A Big Picture
 Theory Of Everything
that brings together the
 entirety of human experience
under one seamless scientific understanding.

"The only thing that is fundamental (real) is consciousness itself; all else is virtual-
a result of an exchange of information within consciousness."
                     Thomas Campbell

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant.
 We have created a society that honors the servant, and has forgotten the gift."

Albert Einstein

“Great thoughts are against all doctrines of conformity.” Austin Osman Spare

Tom Campbell in 2017
My Big TOE
The Cultural Connection

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Tom was the keynote speaker at the

 One World Family "Be the Change" Symposium

International Congress Center
Stuttgart, Germany 2013

He received an award for his contribution to their ideals
  of "be the change" in the world.

New! Life is a Video Game: The Movie

Young documentary producers Maxwell and Elliot will present the
idea of our reality as digital in a documentary
sure to resonate with those questioning our existence as digital.

The Edge Bros discuss their documentary Life is a Video Game in a radio interview
hosted by Gaming as Usual. Coming soon!

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The complete trilogy is now available on Audible Books! at Audible.com


Please visit Tom's YouTube page and MBT Event's YouTube page to view a series of other videos with presentations covering a broad range of topics on consciousness, spirituality, physics, metaphysics, and philosophy, and subjects that are the basis of his book My Big TOE, a Big Theory Of Everything.

"My Big TOE is presently the most advanced statement... of the nature of Consciousness,
Reality, and of our existence within and as integral parts of it.. (available)" 

Ted Vollers, PhD

"My intent is to set your mind free to find truth, not to pile on another layer of belief on top of what you already have, or replace one of your current beliefs with a new one. Freedom - spiritual, emotional, and intellectual freedom - provides the necessary environment for learning. Open minded skepticism is the primary tool you will need to maintain a free mind capable of significant evolutionary progress."

                                        Thomas Campbell    

Thank you for visiting the MBT Events website.....

We have set up MBT Events with the express purpose of bringing the work of Thomas Campbell, and his My Big TOE trilogy, to a world audience through live events and interviews for YouTube.

We have come to appreciate the importance of Tom's contribution towards our greater understanding of the nature of consciousness, and its application to our everyday lives.

Presently, through appearances and interviews, we hope to both enhance the experience of his existing readership, and introduce him to a new audience.

Keith and Donna

If you wish to visit Tom's website or purchase his books, you can do so at

Contact us at keith@mbtevents.com

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